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Ancient Teachings of Mu


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The first records of religion are more than 70,000 years old. They tell us that a body of trained masters from Mu, called Naacals, were carrying to her various colonies and colonial empires copies of the Motherland’s Sacred Inspired Religion. These Naacals formed in each country colleges for the teaching of the priest-craft religion, and the sciences. The priesthoods that were formed in these colleges in turn taught the people. There is a very interesting ancient writing about the Chaldis, as the colleges were called in Babylonia. It says: “Everyone was welcome, be he prince or slave. Directly they passed into the temple, they were equal, for they stood in the presence of the Heavenly Father, the Father of them all, and here they became brothers in fact. No payment was charged; all was free.”

The Lord’s Prayer, the greatest work of its kind ever penned or spoken, is to be found in the Sacred Writings of Mu. Jesus condensed the ancient text to suit the language of his day. He compacted the whole of the material parts of religion into a few short sentences, leaving out nothing that was vital to man’s salvation.

That Jesus was a Master of the Cosmic Forces, with a perfect knowledge of the Original Religion, is manifest in the Books of the New Testament; but it is not there shown that he understood the language of Mu. His acquaintance with it is proved by his last words when nailed to the Cross: “Eli, Eli, lama sabac tha ni.”

This is not Hebrew nor any tongue that was spoken in Asia Minor during the life of Jesus. It is the pure tongue of the Motherland, badly pronounced and spelt in the New Testament. It should have been spelt, read and pronounced: “Hele, hele, lamat zabac ta ni.” (I faint. I faint; darkness is coming over my face.)

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